The Power of Mentoring and New Connections

Corporate Innovation Challenges

Let Mentorset manage your next corporate innovation challenge! Mentorset engages and connects employees throughout this process in order to achieve long-term innovation. Mentorset makes it easy for innovative people at your organization to connect with like-minded people by allowing them to search for specific projects or people with the required skillset.


Keep your talent engaged! Have you identified talent at your company that would benefit from one on one or small group entrepreneurial thinking coaching? Mentorset can help train your staff to mentor them and offers coaching for your innovation initiatives and corporate transformations.

Startup Incubators and Accelerator Programs

Mentorset makes it effortless for your staff to monitor the progress and set goals for the startups in your program.

Entrepreneur in Residence Programs

Hold the individuals and startups you work with accountable with detailed action plans. Track their progress and give feedback on their meetings with you.

Entrepreneurial Mindset Program (EMP)

Participants learn how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset at work and for life. You and your organization will develop meaning and purpose and build stronger connections.

EMP is perfect for training intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, as well as organizational transformation projects, youth programs, and peacekeeping initiatives.

EMP participants work at their own pace online, in person and with a mentor. EMP has in person mentoring, peer-to-peer learning, and online, self-paced experiential events. Whether they are alone or in a group, EMP connects them to others to speed up their journey.


Skills Participants Learn Improves
Helps Others Creates Opportunity
How to spot opportunities in your everyday life.  ✔
How to create your own opportunity when you think none exists.  ✔
How to evaluate business opportunities and act on them.
How to follow a self paced playbook to evaluate a business idea.
How to Become a Resilient person
How to Learn from Failure  
How to develop informal leadership skills
How to Become a life long learner  
How to be Empathetic
How to Practice Gratitude
How to Treat others with Dignity
How to Communicate with candor and honesty  
How to Be more Inquisitive
How to set goals and accomplish them with
‘mini habits’.
How to Make Decisions
How to work on your well being and stay physically fit  
How to work on teams and help others
How to find core supporters to bounce ideas off.
How to Appreciate the value others offer